I heart Suzani

Suzani embroidery bedroom blanket design via belle vivir blog

The term Suzani means “needlework”–specifically, the exquisite silk thread embroidery panels made by Uzbek women. Traditionally this embroidery work begins at the birth of a daughter and continued, with the help of family and friends, until the bride’s dowry was complete. Below a few of my favorite Suzani pieces.
Donghia suzani fabric panels via belle vivir blog

Suzani embroidery pillow via belle vivir blog
Gorgeous Suzani patterns at Donghia and the right pillow at Cornucopia Magazine.

Suzani Coin Purse and Tiles from Solar Antique tiles.

Suzani lampshade via belle vivir blog

Suzani embroidery pillow via belle vivir blog
This Alexander Lampshade with grand embroidered palmettos and the also embroidered pillow at Anthropologie look very Suzani to me.

chair upholstered in suzani fabric via belle vivir blog
This Chippendale Style Wing Chair upholstered in a Travers Suzani style fabric is available at Coup D’ Etat.

Madeline Weinrib suzani pillow via belle vivir blog

And this fantastic Madeline Weinrib Suzani pillow here.

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  • Wow, I had never heard of Suzani. The patterns and colors are beautiful! I especially like that little coin purse. Such a cool design!

  • I don’t care what they say, I will never fall out of love with Suzanis! Great post and finds too 🙂


  • Anonymous

    I love those Donghia fabrics. Thanks for the info.

  • Top class designs, they’re wonderful

  • Oh yeah, very nice piece to have around, there is one at Urban Outfitters for less money that you would think…

  • Love these photos and Suzani! Nice post.

  • Oh yes, I love them. And I have several!

    PS I have am going to leave a query for you on my blog this evening, Julie. For just in case you have time.

  • i heart suzani too! especially that madeline weinrib one… the pop of pink is just too good.

  • Love the suzanis. Great Post

  • Julie, your beautiful peacock snapshot brought me to your blog
    :-)…love the designs you have showcased….specially these fab fabrics!

    P.S: Pls Thank Mr.Peacock for showing me the way to Belle Vivir!