Every Home Should Have: Fireplace

If you are building, remodeling or designing a home, consider adding a fireplace to create a permanent character and focal point to any room.  If you happen to live in a warm weather country or the house you are living in doesn’t have the structure for a functional one, a fireplace mantel could be a smart alternative and there are so many design options to choose from.  From traditional and elaborate designs with a lot of charm as in the French Apartment in the top image to more modern and sculptural ones as in the one designed by David Collins.  Add a few oversized candles in a faux fireplace or mantel and immediately you are creating a very romantic and casual atmosphere with little effort.

A traditional and elaborate fireplace with an over-sized mirror resting on the mantel beautifies a French apartment.

Suzanne Kassler


David Collins
Gilles and Boissier


Jo Malone London
 K+B Kasha Design via Anna Gillar

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