Friday Eye Candy: The Best Fashion Piece of Spring/Summer 2015

Go ahead and try to slouch in a sofa while wearing a low rise skinny jeans; yeap! not comfortable at all, right? unless you are a model or a super skinny fifteen year old, your stomach may want to remind you that skinny jeans are not for you anymore. Well if this is your case, like mine, then you can start jumping of joy right now because high rise jeans are here and hopefully they and our stomach get to hang around for a while. That fashion piece is the one I’m most exited about for Spring/Summer 2015. I can’t wait to buy my pair. Enjoy!




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  • I usually go for something in between, as high rise jeans are not the most flattering jeans for me, and I hate low rise jeans. But that first pair is beautiful!

    Wishing you a healthy and happy new year, Julie!

  • Yes, Julie these may be the answer to those os so uncomfortable low rise jeans! happy New Year!

    The Arts by Karena

  • Cant tell you how thrilled I ma that flare jeans are back I have a pair that look like Jackie O bellbottoms and I cant wait to wear them again!