12 European Country Side and Provencal Gardens

Provencal Gardens design ideas with terracotta pots with boxwood and stone walls and shutters

Francois Catroux courtyard in Laurmarine, France.  The provencal garden has ancient fortified stone walls with shutters on the windows, the floor is in gravel and the green throughout is planted in terracotta pots.

Characteristics of Provencal Gardens

European Country or Provencal gardens are informal with a more laid back atmosphere.  When more European formal gardens are meticulously planned and focused on symmetry, many countryside gardens share a common thread that reflects their slower pace of life and unpretentious approach to design.  As in many of their choices in life, Europeans first priority when it comes to designing their garden is about creating the space to celebrate the pleasures of life among friends and family.  What an inspiring way of living, taking what you have and working with it, instead of falsely inventing what’s not there.  Of course not all of us
have the perfect surroundings of the South of France but there is something to be learned from this realistic low maintenance approach to design.  Europeans have an innate sense of style and even though their country gardens are casual they sure are stunning and charming settings where we can linger and never get tired of them.  One main element I constantly see in these gardens is gravel, typically used in patios and pathways as well as partitions between boxwood.  These country side gardens in Europe may be full of harmony, but make no mistake, these lush outdoor spaces are full of varieties.  Usually lots of container
plantings for easy caring, lavender for the beauty as well as for the aroma, vegetable and herb farming for an organic living and ancient old trees.  Since food and wine is an integral part of good living (in my and many others opinion),  iron garden tables and simple chairs are a must for outdoor eating.

Provencal Garden corridot like garden with iron furniture with french mattress and pillows

A corridor-like garden in the South of France with vine covered pergola for shading a table with chairs.  A set of iron furniture with French Mattress and pillows and potagers flower garden is Provencal chic.

Provencal Gardens Luberon Region garden with gravel and black iron chairs

I took this picture on our trip to Provence last year.  We got to spend a weekend in this idyllic place in the Luberon region.  Soon I’ll do a full post about this amazing place because it’s worth it.

Provencal Gardens gravel and shutters and a strong tree in marbella

This garden is part of a home in Marbella I posted a while ago designed by Eduardo Dorissa and I still think is stunning.  I love the old and strong tree and the way the sun reflects the light on the house walls.

a passway of a pergola with ivy and lavender

This long pergola pass way is just too beautiful.

Munich English Garden

I took this picture while living in Germany.  One of the things I miss the most is the beautiful Englischer Garten which is like the Central Park in New York but more understated and with immense bike lanes that allow you to bike almost from one end to the other end of the city.

outdoor garden with wooden home, boxwood, gravel and potery

I absolutely love this space.  Everything about it from the boxwood to the climbing roses and pottery pot.

Francois Catroux provence home garden

Another view of Francois Catroux Provencal Garden

provencal garden with flowers and lavender

This image is as charming as charming is.

Entrance with gravel and big trees

mediterrenean garden design

This image still enchants me.  I can’t even express enough how much I love the entire ambiance in this picture.  by Melania Acevedo.

This image of Villa Carlotta is from our trip to Lake Como last Spring.


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