For some inexplicable reason I keep buying coats from very warm ones for Winter to trench coat Spring-appropriate.  And the plethora of different versions of both out there does not help change the situation any easier.  Last year Spring 2018 runways offered many different versions of the classical trench coat, from the transparent plastic versions presented by Chanel and Valentino to the floral one shown by Miu Miu and even one very particular with fringes presented by Loewe.  A Spring coat is a staple in every classic woman’s closet and the unconventional more modern interpretations of it, see below, are giving the modern women valid reasons to get on the wagon on their own terms.  After the jump, a round up of the most classic of Spring coats from short versions perfect to pack on a safari to the gabardine option with a 70’s vibe.

trench coat round up 1 via belle vivir interior design blog

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As it turned out my wedding anniversary falls on National Random Acts Of Kindness Day… I can live with that.  I found out when I came across this encouraging list about all the different ways to spread kindness throughout the day.  It’s gratuitous to say, how much we all need more of this in present times.  20 Random Acts Of Kindness To Perform Today.

It is no easy task to apply makeup that looks simple and beautiful at the same time.  Although we can all concede that a good make up application can do wonders, even if you were blessed with a beauty like Angelina’s, we can all look our best thanks to make up.  Secrets From a Makeup Artist: 10 Items You Need From Sephora.

There are so many places I’d like to travel to. From India to Madagascar to Australia, my list is endless.  Not to mention that I’ve been itching to go back to London soon.  If money and time weren’t the problem I would be traveling nonstop.  But then again, who wouldn’t?  If you are planning a vacation this year, here are the Best New Hotels in the World – It List 2018.

And if you are still deciding where to go, I don’t blame you, so many inspiring places to choose. Here is a list of 10 Otherworldly Places to Travel in 2018.  Magical places for the adventure seeker that will make you feel in another planet.

I usually give Lucas, my son organic blueberries and string cheese for snack after school.  I learned that blueberries are one of the best antioxidants there is and it’s great for cleaning your body and brain from heavy metal toxicity.  Heavy metal toxicity is believed to be the source of many undiagnosed illness.  Ever since I learned that I always keep them in our fridge and eat a small bowl almost every day.  For when creativity for afternoon snack runs dry, here are good suggestions given by qualified nutritionists.  Healthiest office snacks, as chosen by nutritionists.

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We all agree that the kitchen is the most important room in a home… the heart of the home.  It’s the space where we cook our best and worst meals and where we create our best memories together.  It’s also the room where most of the money in a remodeling goes to.  So much to think about when remodeling this room, functionality, flow, durability and ultimately design.  A gray kitchen can greatly help or enhance the latter since gray is perhaps one of the most forgiving and sophisticated color options available.  Having a functional kitchen is the priority but taking time on deciding the color of your cabinets is paramount if you are deciding to live for a long time in your home.  Gray is warmer than the color white and easier to live with than dark bold hues.
gray kitchen functional kitchen with marble covered vent via belle vivir blog

A beautiful juxtaposition between the traditional light gray cabinets and the clean line of the carrara marble island and range hood.   The brass simple scones and reeded glass on the cabinets lend elegance to the design.

gray kitchen, functional kitchen with white subway tiles via belle vivir blog

A small gray kitchen with a more down to earth and approachable design.  Floor to ceiling traditional white subway tiles and brass flush mount ceiling lights give a more custom look to the overall design.

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Dress Like An Olympic Champion

dress like an olympic champion, Chloe Kim via belle vivir blog

I’m sure many people around the world have fallen in love with the sweet and cute Olympic Champion Snowboarder Chloe Kim, her amazing performance, and the inspiring story behind her success.  Her parents came to this country from South Korea with $800 dollars in their pockets and an English to Korean dictionary, her father gave up his job when she was 10 years old to dedicate himself entirely to Chloe so she can pursue her dreams.  In Kim’s own words, he cooked, he put sunscreen on her face, he took her to practices.  Just by seeing her father cheering for her in the crowd, we could feel his pride and joy.  That is what dreams are made of.  According to Olympics Wire which listed fun facts about Chloe Kim, she peaks three languages, English, Korean and French, pretty impressive for a 17 year old.  The youngest American ever to win an Olympic snowboarding medal.  It’s all about attentive and hands on parenting… When I saw her scoring 93.75 I was criticizing the judges, like I knew anything about the sport, on what else would someone need to do to score over 98 … Until Chloe came and did her last amazing round and exceptionally scored exactly 98.25… It was beyond exiting and inspiring. So I’ve been enjoying The Winter Olympics, especially Female halfpipe.  It’s pretty extraordinary to watch such talented athletes perform in almost super human ways.

I hope you got to spend a lovely Valentine’s Day.  Today is our Anniversary, as i mentioned before and it’s the day where we do the usual stuff couples do, go out for diner, share more cards, tell each other that everyday is for love and all those things that we all say each other all the time, but that are essentially important.   Happy Friday y’all.  After the jump, the pieces that can make you look like an Olympic Champion, off duty though.

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The Most Spectacular Bridges, love letter to London by Anya Hindmarch Rumi, do you love me? via belle vivir blog

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all… I hope you get to spend your day in great company hence, with whoever you wish.  I think Valentines Day can be any day of the year, in my case it’s more accurate to think it’s on our Wedding anniversary, which happens to be in two days.  We have officially moved the celebration of love to that date ever since…although there is the occasional exchange of cards today… Below, are a few links of the week, all of them appropriate of the day and amusing.

The Biggest Valentine’s Day Myths of All Time.  You’ve heard the story about how Valentine’s day was created, who was Valentine -if there was ever one.  This list may not answer those questions but it’s funny.

The Roses That Might Last Longer Than Your Relationship.  Did you know that natural roses can be preserved with its structure intact and last up to a year thanks to a process called Dehydration…  Not only that but you can buy an arrangement of Infinite Roses and either give them to someone or better yet keep them for yourself.  I would love one for my study.

The World’s Most Spectacular Bridges.  If you and your loved one decide to stay inside tonight, why not virtual-wondering the world… This list of spectacular bridges is pretty impressive.  I recommended to visit one of them in my Guide to Uzes, you can see it here.

Can Tylenol Help Heal a Broken Heart?  In case your relationship didn’t last more than the flowers and your heart gets to be broken, which I hope never happens.  Tylenol may help with that.

The Most Spectacular Bridges, love letter to London by Anya Hindmarch via belle vivir interior design blog

One last note, how pretty is London today…? Dozens of giant inflatable red heart balloons are showing up in various landmarks across London today.  This extraordinary and beautiful design project is a love letter to London by Anya Hindmarch. The balloons will appear from dawn until dusk every day across London during Fashion Week.  ‘surprise love letter to London’ as a tribute to its strength and to celebrate our amazing creative city.”  Anya Hindmarch.  photo via BOF instagram acct.  Read more about it here.

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I love a good sale, who doesn’t… As a matter of fact I enjoy buying my clothes on sale more than on regular price.  I think that I’m becoming very frugal, curiously enough this new practice of mine doesn’t always cross over to home decor purchases.  However I’m always in the look-out for beautiful accessories on sale, also for furniture or for fabrics or anything in between.  For the special deals of the week I found these beautiful and elegant neutral-tone home accessories on sale that I couldn’t help sharing them.  It’s true that you can’t go wrong with a neutral tone decor.  There is something so special and remarkable about the mixture of browns with blacks, brass and beige contrasting with textures of rattan, plaster, sisal and hemp fabrics…  The overall effect often found in a neutral decor is dramatic to the eyes yet soothing to the senses.  The first one in the list being an Eagle Convex mirror.  In case you didn’t notice, we love a Convex mirror.

neutral decor special deals of the week via belle vivir interior design blog


Alabaster Pillar holders in two different sizes.  This rattan basket also comes in two different sizes. The strong and abstract lines in this black and white Skyscraper photograph is pretty modern and classic at the same time.  Regency Eagle convex mirror is always a good idea for when you are looking for a way to incorporate a classic elegant object in your home.  And of course the clean modern sconces to contrast with any other strong traditional element. Recessed wall mirror in antique brass finish for a touch of glam that never fails to impress.  A shell lamp in case you have  beach house or you just want to bring the beach feeling inside instead.  This chandelier has been in too many a dressing room, but perhaps it would go well in a hallway…  And finally a Moroccan hemp pillow in graphic black and white stripes.

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