Instagram has become more than a social platform where to share images and showcase our work, aesthetics or ourselves.  For many, it can also be a very resourceful travel guide to find everything from best destinations to visit to hot and hip restaurants to explore.  Instagram is more than a travel guide and besides the trolls that rely on low tactics of following to then unfollowing to gain follows back for a day, it’s still a fun social platform to be part of.  So of course it’s uber magical to experience Christmas via Instagram with its endless source of virtual travel experiences on steroids.  One minute you are outside Atlanta Holiday House and the other you are in the lobby of Claridge’s Hotel in London.  For sure Instagram has its pros and cons, you may have heard about Selena Gomez erasing her Instagram app once she realized she had become the most followed person on the social platform, “As soon as I became the most followed person on Instagram, I sort of freaked out,… It had become so consuming to me. It’s what I woke up to and went to sleep to.” Selena Gomez told vogue.  Now that. Is not healthy.  There are a lot of sad stories out there about people who accidentally died while taking a risky selfies, others go as far as almost getting naked for a few more followers.  Is that really necessary…?  I prefer to take things as they are… a simple social platform that can provide great source of inspiration.  There are other things in life that are far more important… like family, health, food on the table, friends, and most importantly enjoying our surroundings.  As I’ve been saying for years our surroundings influence our deepest being.

Christmas via Instagram belle vivir

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Whether you have a wife, girlfriend, bff or a mother, this is the gift guide you’ll need to impress.  We all know how hard it is to please some women, especially the stylish ones that appear to have it all; but don’t fret, this gift guide for women will provide you with enough resources to declare victory at the end of the holidays.  And above all and most importantly to make her happy.  From stylish Instagram albums for the creative type to a pretty set of coffee cups for the coffee lover.

gift guide for women, harper's bazaar: 150 years coffee table book

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This harmonious living room was designed by Alyssa Kapito for this year’s Holiday House in New York City.  The yearly Show House benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by giving 91 cents of every dollar to the cause.  The Show House showcases the work of 22 Interior Designers whose creations must be inspired by a theme or special occasion.  This neutral living room was one of the many beautiful rooms created by many talented Interior Designers.  The living room specially stood out to me because of the strong contrast that the black objects and furniture create.  You know how I feel about the use of black elements in interiors.  Alyssa Kapito went completely neutral with the decor of her space.  The difference in texture and wood tones add a lot of interest to the understated living room.  The space looks simple but the room had a lot of important pieces such as a portrait be Alberto Giacometti above the fireplace mantel, two chairs by Gustav Axel Berg by the desk.  The over sized abstract painting above the sofa is by William McClure.  I think the painting is spectacular in itself, it’s modern and subtle.  Ideal for the atmosphere of the living room.

Alyssa Kapito living room front

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December is for enjoying family members over soirees and being merry, but between those reunions there is always time to take a break from the stress of the Holidays and catch the exhibits of our favorite artists.  Here is the December roundup of events from museum and gallery exhibitions in your favorite Cities.

December events from museums to galleries exhibitions, Irving Penn, Grand Palais

New York

Art in the Open: 50 Years of Public Art in New York, at Museum of the City of New York Through May 13, 2018

The Museum of the City of New York is highlighting some of the most influential works ever displayed in the street of New York, so if you missed some of these artists work, this is the time to catch up and see the most innovative ones under one roof.  Among the artists exhibiting are Kara Walker and Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

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Jenna Lyons’s Soho home featured in the December issue of T-Magazine is a sight of perfection.  She was eager to have a home as unique as possible so no one can ever replicate, again.  As it happened to be the case with her highly popular Brooklyn Brownstone which was more than copied by a few.  Even Samantha Cameron, the wife of then British Prime Minister David Cameron copied Jenna’s living room.  She recounted the story to T-Magazine of how surprised she was when visiting Cameron’s house.  Isn’t that funny… Well not this time.  This new home is a loft located in Soho, New York and is as unique as only a style setter like Jenna Lyons can do.  With the help of Interior Designer Meyer Davis the result is a mixture of modern and old, rustic and refined, polished and grand, furnished with exclusive designer label pieces.  I wish her home had been published before this post because it could’ve been a perfect example of a modern version of a collected home.  Sorry I had to mention it again… but I can’t help to point that out.  This apartment may not be easy to replicate but being as gorgeous as it is get ready to see it crowding your social fee.

Jenna Lyons's Soho home. living room via belle vivir

The curated living room furnished with exquisite selection of Designer furniture.  T-Magazine has a video where Jenna shows her gorgeous home and it shows how the TV is cleverly concealed behind the fireplace wall behind the mirror.

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