From bold color saturated kitchens to more subtle ones, these kitchens will certainly brighten anyone’s morning.  There is something welcoming and energizing about colorful kitchens that makes us cheerful.  Whether you decide to go full course and paint the kitchen cabinets in a bold color or just add a few colorful accessories, the sky is the limit… Small and clever moves such as painting the island, adding colorful stools or painting the floor are only but a few of the options there to bring color into our kitchen.  Of course you can always go the Kelly Wearstler‘s way and paint all the cabinets in one bright green, add a splash of brass or gilded backsplash…. or you can keep the color designated to the island and make it a focal point as Commune did in the kitchen below.

For more traditional kitchens, a bold printed upholstered chair or banquet will also add some jazz to the ambiance.   Breakfast nooks are great spaces to experiment with color.  As you can see small details can bring vibrancy to any kitchen.  Usually, the smaller the space the bolder you can go.  Take the small green kitchen designed by Miles Redd where he painted the entire kitchen in a high lacquered green.

Graphic tiles are also very handy to add a jolt of energy as you can see in the kitchen below by David Netto.  David added graphic tiles all the way to the ceiling for a pop of color.

Colorful kitchens, Green

Kelly Wearstler is no shy when it comes to color and bold statement.  The kitchen she designed for Cameron Diaz in Manhattan has brass accents that help to make the space brighter.

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According to Wikipedia, the belt bag is also referred to as a “fanny pack” (American English) or “bum bag” (British English).  It is a small fabric pouch usually secured with a zipper and worn by a strap around the hips or waist”  Yes and we all remember that from the 90’s.  But even when the thought of such fashion coming back make some roll their eyes until they can see their brains… it’s happening.  And we should thank Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele and its reinvention of the granny-chic style…

If you think that the thought of wearing one again would be scary wait until you know that belt bags designed for concealed carry of a weapon are available.  Another thing to watch out for… as if there wasn’t enough…

But not all is lost, there are a few belt bags that you may want to give it a try, like the Saint Laurent Bum Belt Bag which sits tight to your body.  If you feel like you want to dance all night without attending a bag, Prada quilted convertible belt bag is also a good alternative.  On the other hand, the Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Belt Bag is actually a classic chic item to have… Since this style can be a bit hard to pull off I think it’s best to leave it to professionals or in this case to renowned Fashion brands.

Rochas copper belt bag    Chanel vintage belt bag    Prada Convertible Belt bag    Saint Laurent bum bag    Chanel belt bag

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sweater weather belle vivir-Trend-Big-Sleeves

With each day the trees are turning more colorful… the days get shorter and the sun comes out later… Perhaps it’s a little bit unnerving the fact that during Fall weather not every day is guaranteed to be sweater weather… One moment is cold and the next hour is sunny and warm…

sweater weather stephane olivier

Stephane Olivier

sweater weather-Style-Inspiration-Faux-Fur-belle-vivir

sweater weather tom delevan-belle-vivir

Tom Delavan

sweater weather-belle-vivir

sweater weather-belle-vivir-ellsworth-kelly-black-ripe

Ellsworth Kelly

sweater weather-belle-vivir

sweater weather-belle-vivir

sweater weather-belle-vivir

sweater weather-hellen frankenthaler-belle-vivir

Helen Frankenthaler

sweater weather-belle-vivir

sweater weather-blakes-london-belle-vivir

Blakes London

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