Every home should have: Books

There is only a handful of things that would make a house become a home other
than books.  It lends the house a life and intimacy of its own.  The
thing I miss the most from our previous home is our beautiful black bookcases
filled with books and magazines ranging from different subjects that covered
everything from Design, History, Bestsellers to even fun books like “How
to be like Audrey”.  They have this magical touch that makes them
look good in any type of display either piled up on the floor, on top of a
table, or in bookcases. Yes, every home should have books.  Enjoy!

Images from AD, HB, Elle Decor.

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3 thoughts on “Every home should have: Books

  1. Squeak

    I'm with you! I can't imagine a home without books. Right now I have them on almost every surface in my house. I'm planning to convert one of my bedrooms into an upstairs sitting room with bookshelves on two walls. I can hardly wait!

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