Every home should have: Something Black

The late Albert Hadley.

Let’s hear it for the color Black!  Albert Hadley loved it and Ralph
Laurent home uses it abundantly.  Many designers say black is the king-color
of style.  Think of Coco Chanel!  I favor the color black because it is
perhaps the most versatile of all colors, it can be plaid-up to make a room sober
and elegant or it could be plaid-down to make a room rustically chic.

The late Albert Hadley was a master at making a room eternal by adding touches
of black here and there. 

In this room the neutral of beige and brown gets excited with the touches of

I adore the contrast of the ornate ceiling and Serge Mouille three-arm ceiling lamp.
Can you imagine this dining room with a mahogany or white table?  I don’t!

The famous Madeline Weinrib’s Buche rug with its dynamic offset stripes makes this room up to date.

 Love the touch of a black Buddha head in this area.  It makes the
space look chic and not shabby.

Just a beautiful black throw and art with some black in it would do for the
owner who doesn’t want to change things radically.
images via Elle Decor Spain, Nuevo Estilo, Elle Decor US

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  • These pictures are gorgeous! I especially love Albert Hadley's room.

    I love using black in my own decorating. My living room has a black ceramic garden stool and a painting with a lot of black in it. The library has black sconces, the study a black lamp and the dining room a black shadow box.

  • I agree, it can be easily integrated in every room.

  • Squeak,

    It sounds like you have a great home!

  • The pictures are really magnificent..Your home looks really beautiful..