Joseph Dirand at Home

Joseph Dirand‘s
home in the Seventh Arrondissement in Paris was recently renovated by
the sought-after Architect and the result is a minimalist apartment with
perfectly restored traditional French details.  The furniture in
Dirand’s home is all form and substance.  In the living room, sofa and
side chairs are Pierre Jeanneret, in the kitchen the family eats at a
Ettore Sottsass table, in the bedroom an Oscar Niemeyer chair looks
graciously at the bed.  As most French, Joseph Dirand relies on
excellent craftsmanship to restore the neglected into its past glory. 
For his home, Joseph decided on simple stucco walls, Versailles parquet floors and simple wall moldings inspired by 17th century Interior Architecture.

Joseph Dirand at home bedroom

Joseph Dirand at home kitchen with chevron floor

Joseph Dirand at home

Joseph Dirand at home bathroom

Joseph Dirand standing in his living room at home
Photo by Simon Watson for T Magazine

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