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Designer Pietro Russo restored this beautiful home in Milan for his brother and family.  The home dates back to the early 20’s and it has beautiful features that Russo didn’t change.  Beautiful Bay and arched windows and heavy carved ceilings are some of those details.  Carved wooden doors and ornate ceiling juxtapose with modern glamorous furniture.  The overall result is an eclectic but sophisticated style where the ornate blends effortlessly with the modern in a glamorous way. Pietro designed most of furniture in his home, such as the floor to ceiling shelf that also works as a divider, and the dining table.
Pietro Russo, besides being a designer is also a painter a ceramist artist and with a degree in scenic design has worked on film sets.  A very multi talented designer.

In another note, sorry for the sporadical posts.  I’m traveling to Zurich and then to Istanbul for a month.  I’ll try for the posts to continue coming in regular schedule but it may slow down one day or two.  Until then enjoy!
Home decor article about Pietro Russo design
The blue sofa picks up the blue tones of the floor.
Carved wooden bay window
Love this little space and the use of it.  It’s like a mini conservatory.
Modern home decor in Milan

Constance Guisset lighting fixture
In this small bedroom Pietro upholstered a wall of a bright turquoise blue famed with brass and copper.  The Constance Guisset light fixture picks up the copper color from the closet.

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