Month: June 2014

If I’m asked what’s my favorite fashion time, quickly I would say the
70’s and most like it one of my favorite clothing piece from the time is
a high waisted jean.  Enjoy!

Sunday quotes post is officially moving to Wednesday. 
I’ve been working a bit harder than expected lately which has kept me
from posting regularly.  Inevitably the posts will be at this speed from
now on in the interest of Tyche Jewelry
Enjoy your week!

Even though here in Brasil we are still in winter, well let’s call it winter even
when it doesn’t feel like that, I’m thinking of
summer.  That’s because we are soon leaving to New York for a month
during the hottest month, July.  This has become a custom of our family
to escape winter while seeking summer.

The beautiful Ada from Classiq has kindly interviewed me about my baby jewelry line
Tyche.  She
did an amazing interpretation of what Tyche is all about and I’m
extremely honored and flattered to have answered her smart and
interesting questions.  Thank you
Ada for your support
and interesting interview.  If you are thinking about becoming an
entrepreneur or starting your own design line head over to Ada’s blog,
Classiq where I’m spilling some interesting facts and sources that
you should know.  Enjoy!
Ah! and I can’t forget to show you these amazing bracelets soon to come available at
Tyche Jewelry.

A hand selfie