Month: January 2016

Pink is the color most often associated with love, beauty, charm, politeness, sensitivity,
tenderness, sweetness, childhood, and the romantic.-Wikipedia.  A.K.A Femininity.  Others describe it as having the elements of compassion, nurture and love.  All qualities associated with mother love.  Put more red in it and it takes a more passionate connotation.  I’m a big fan of neutral decors, you know the kind that you need when you have a family with mostly men in it.  Nevertheless, every time I look at a bouquet of pink peonies or neoclassical building painted in pink, I can’t help but have a soothing happy feeling.  Coincidentally Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year is Rose Quartz and Serenity, a softer pink combined with Serenity.  Enjoy

Top picture by @meganhess_official


India Hick


Sketch Restaurant London



Alessandra Branca

Jaipur, India

Audrey Hepburn


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outfits to wear when visiting a museum via belle vivir

Visiting a museum is a rather casual, albeit elegant, thing to do and putting together that just-chic-enough appropriate outfit could be more difficult than putting together a more formal one.  This is because there is no rule for casual-elegant dressing.  Above all you want to
stay away from looking like going to a cocktail party.  Many fashion experts advise to build an outfit from bottom up and in this case, it’s more for the comfort than for the fashion side.  Whether big or small, we’ll be walking and standing around so I think I would rather keep the
shoes flat or low enough.

museum Brandhorst munich

Brandhorst Museum in Munich, Germany is one place to keep in mind the next time you have a long lay over while in route.  Opened in 2009, it holds an impressive private collection of contemporary art, mostly paintings.  Among them, the largest number of Cy Twombly’s work outside the United States and more than 100 exhibits by Andy Warhol.  The museum was possible thanks to the generosity of husband and wife, Udo Fritz-Hermann and Anette Brandhorst who started collecting art in the early 70’s.  After Annette passed away in 1999, her husband Udo donated the amassed collection to the State of Bavaria with the requirement that the state would give the collection a suited home.  Bavaria paid for the modern building designed by Berlin based Sauerbruch Hutto Architects.  The museum built an octagonal room specifically designed to display Cy Twombly’s Lepanto, a painting composed of 12 big canvases created to exhibit during Venice Biennale in 2001.  I also spotted work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yves Klein, Christoper Wool and many more amazing artists.  Definitely a must visit.  Enjoy. Read More…