Friday Eye Candy

Thankfully we’ve had a few nicer, less hot days lately that have given us the chance for a breath of fresh air.  The weekend however seems to be bringing along with it another heat wave that would make me more hungry for a vacation getaway.  My hubby and I have been discussing how wonderful would be to hit the Amalfi Coast, unfortunately that seems too far from the true since we instead, need to be getting ready for our move to Sao Paulo, hopefully we’ll make to Punta Del Este for Christmas, fingers crossed!
Last week I had our home professionally photographed by Robert Levin and I’m extremely happy with the result.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

images via Vogue UK, Vogue Turkey, Pinterest, Vogue US

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  • The framed coral and seashell vignette is very pretty.

  • We're having a very hot summer here and it's going to stay this way apparently. Can't wait to see photos of your home. 🙂