Seeking Inspiration: Kitchens

The late post is thanks to a cleansing I’ve been doing for the past three days which somehow leaves me a bit out of inspo.  The cleansing is nothing as serious as an-only-liquid one.  All
my respect to those who can do that.  It’s one I kind of adjusted myself.  No meat, no fish, no dairy, no processed food instead a lot of legumes, vegetable, quinoa, smoothie with protein and stuff like that.  Although I don’t feel weak, I seem to be struggling in the land of inspiration.  I sat in front of the computer today thinking, what can I possibly blog about today?  And guess what was the first thing that popped into my mind!  Kitchen!  I think that’s a sign telling me to go and eat some real food.


Photo by Johan Carlson
Elle Decoration UK










Top kitchen by Isay Winfeld, rest via Martha Stewart Living unless noted otherwise.

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