Shiplap and how pretty it is

Decorate Shiplap Ideas, black shiplap in a barhoom- bell-vivir

 Dark-painted shiplap in this powder room gives it a cozy feeling.

It took a while for urban dwellers to get caught up with shiplap.  Thanks to Joanna and Chip of HGTV‘s show Fixer Upper, lately everyone seems to love a room with shiplap.  Either painted or left unfinished in the color of the wood the effect of a wall in shiplap can bring texture and interest to a room.  It can make a room appear bigger if the boards are installed horizontally.  I personally love it when there is a little more space left between them as the shadows create the illusion of more pronounced lines making great contrast.  Definitely, shiplap has thought us the notion that “darn, country can be chic.”  The traditional shiplap boards have a rabbet on each elongated side to overlap one another.  But either you use the
original or you decide to use plain, straight wood boards and nail it next to each other the final visual effect is pretty much the same.  Actually the latter one could be also very eco-friendly if you decide to use reclaimed wood.

Decorate Shiplap Ideas, shiplap in bathroom-bell-vivir

 I love everything in this bathroom, from the graphic floor tiles to the concrete countertops.  Design by Daleet Spector via House Beautiful.

Decorate Shiplap Ideas, shiplap wall in kitchen-bellevivir

 The non painted shiplap in this kitchen makes for a strong statement focal point.  The stone is Bianco Macaubus quartzite. Design by Old Seagrove Homes.

mud room with vertical shiplap

bunk beds covered with shiplap

steven gambrel living room with shiplap

 Steven Gambrel used vertical shiplap in this Sag Harbor home giving the height of the room a more human scale.

Decorate Shiplap Ideas, staircase with shiplap-bellevivir

This is probably my favorite use of shiplap I’ve seen.  I think covering the walls of this stair case makes such a beautiful architectural touch.

jib door bathroom with shiplap

 A clever jib door is covered in shiplap.  via Atlanta Homes

bedroom with shiplap

 Love the contrast of the upholstered velvet headboard and shiplap in this bedroom.

jeffrey alan marks bedroom

 In this beach house designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks the shiplap on the vaulted ceiling make the room appear bigger.

kitchen design covered hood with shiplap

A great idea to cover the range hood with shiplap.


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