My Kitchen: Before and After

my kitchen before and after, julie paulino design


my kitchen before and after, julie paulino design

While thinking about what to post today, my own kitchen came to my mind.  Since we’re soon moving to another country (Sao Paulo) I feel it would be great to show how I renovated our kitchen. The picture above shows how our kitchen was before.  Very unattractive!  We teared down everything, from the cabinets to the walls, got rid of that double tray ceiling and redid the floor.  My vision was to create something charming instead of modern because this house was built around the 80’s when there was absolutely no reference whatsoever to any period architecture.  So I decided it would look like something between old and au courant.

I wanted the Ikea cabinets to go all the way up to the ceiling so I had the extra open boxes custom made and installed mirror in the back.  I also added crown moldings to make them look more custom.  These cabinets don’t really need handles but I decided to install them anyway for the same purpose.  I was happy when I found this kind of porcelain mosaic for a great price at a place called The tile shop.  If you didn’t, know the smaller the pieces the more expensive the mosaic, that’s why  the places that offer more affordable tiles usually only have mosaic of one inch.  This one is little less than 3/4″ which makes it look more like the real thing.

my kitchen before and after, julie paulino design
my kitchen before and after julie paulino design
The custom banquet, upholstered more than three years ago in a Quadrille fabric.
photos by Robert Levi

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  • Wow…what a change. It's so cozy now. I love the transformation!

  • AMAZING!! Love it…its magazine ready.
    So cozy, elegant and sophisticated.

  • Gorgeous, kitchen
    Can't wait to see your new home too!

  • So pretty, Julie, You did a fabulous job.
    Happy Thursday.

  • Julie: I LOVE the textile choices, and most of all, your taste and style.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible transformation. Love what you did with your kitchen.

  • Marline

    Stunning! Congrats!

  • Great change! Looks so inviting.

  • Julie your kitchen is wonderful you made so many great choices to customize it. The open top cabinetry, the hardware, the corner seating!

    What is your move date/ Have you looked at homes in San Paulo?

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  • Lovely transformation. I love your quadrille banquet!

  • Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments!

  • I love what you did with it!

  • 5 stars!!! I will show that last pic on my blog!

    Love to you,


  • What a transformation! Once again, you've done an incredible job, Julie.

  • That's an amazing job you did there. Room Dividers installed for the range to make more room, fascinating. Thank you for the DIY.. I'd look at my kitchen later this week and see if I can do the same thing.

  • That is indeed a beautiful transformation, Julie. My wife asked me to do some renovations on our kitchen as well and was is a lot of work. Hehe! Nonetheless, I was able to make some partial improvements and then I called for help professional help. Surprisingly enough, they were able to finish everything within two days. They used bohemian details to make our kitchen look unique.

    Bronwyn Hass