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Kevin Knight and co. home via belle vivir blog

We lived abroad for the past five years.  It’s amazing how time flies.  Three years in Sao Paulo, Brazil and two years in Munich, Germany.  Now we are back in the USA relocated in Columbus, Ohio.  The city of Columbus is a very nice city which has been greatly gentrified with the Downtown, Arena District and Short North area looking more modern and hip by the minute.  The city also has an ornate, German Village with beautiful brick, single family homes, unfortunately the schools aren’t that great.  However the schools in Dublin and its vicinity have great school systems.  My son, who is eight years old, has already started taking algebra based math problems here in Dublin.  As parents, neighborhoods with good schools is one of our main requirements.  As a family, we go back and for about what to do: buy a fixer upper and remodel, build our home from the ground up or buy a home that requires little updates.  Of course the designer in me says build from scratch or go with a fixer
upper, but the neighborhoods in Dublin are mainly new developments where there are not many fixer uppers.  The homes are also fairly cookie cutter and the layouts are really
embarrassing, and lastly I don’t want to go through the long process of building a new home with our home-base in the East coast where I hope we end up not too far in our future.  There are two things I won’t compromise on when it comes to choosing a home.  First one is
trees, where I want a home on an old school setting therefore I would like to stay away from new developments.  Second I want a bit of distance between mine and my neighbors homes although this last one seems a bit tight.  While perusing homes for sale on
Zillow and Trulia I came across a very classic builder called Kevin Knight and Company.  They are located in Powell, Ohio and their homes are breath taking.  This is what it says in their site.  “We pull inspiration from the land, including the raw elements that are painstakingly extracted from it.  We marvel in nature’s fragile balancing act, respecting her constant ebb and flow, which often influences our decisions about architectural placement and form.  Natural materials, from slate and stone to hardwoods and flora, are intentionally employed to bring the outside in, while we incorporate new ways to integrate indoor luxuries to open air environments.”  Sounds like the real deal to me.

Kevin Knight and co. white house via belle vivir blog
Kevin Knight and co. via belle vivir blog
This white painted brick home with Cooper Pipes has me dreaming of long afternoons by an outdoor fire.

This antique door and wide plank wood floors make me want to walk barefoot.

Kevin Knight and co. kitchen via belle vivir blog
Kevin Knight and co. via belle vivir blog
Kevin Knight and co. via belle vivir blog
Kevin Knight and co. via belle vivir blog
All images via Kevin Knight & Company

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