Columbus Decorators’ Show House at The Museum of Art

The Columbus Decorators’ Show House, yes it exists and it takes place every other year, is taking place inside The Museum of Art this year.  It’s the first ever Show House to take part inside a Museum.  The inspiration was taken from Sotheby’s own Designer’s Show House last year, which took place inside the Auction house.  This year 11 Central Ohio Interior Designers were given a blank canvas to create a Showcase house on the second floor.  The designers were given two weeks to create the spaces and as challenging as it may sound, to create a room as real as possible inside four plain white walls, the benefit comes from the opportunity of using art from the own museum’s collection.  The Columbus Decorator’s Show House is organized and sponsored by the The Museum of Art Women’s Board.

It starts this Monday April 23rd through May 14th.  Tickets are $20 before April 22 and $25 afterwards.  The proceeds benefit the Museum’s vital and unique art and education programs.  For more information on hours and other special events please visit the  Museum’s website.  One specific event I’m looking forward to is featured guest speaker Carolyn Englefield, Interiors Editor of Veranda this Sunday 23.  Below, two spaces designed by two of the eleven Interior Decorators presenting at the show.


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