Kitchens with Black Stoves and Ranges

kitchens with black stoves and ranges a kitchen with white hexagon floor tiles, wooden shelfs, black stove with brass trim

 Love the regal look in this kitchen.  Hexagon tiles on the floor gives it an old world feeling.  The cabinets are of a very light green color which gives the black stove a free rode to reign by itself.  Via My Domaine.

The thought of owning a kitchen with a black stove may make some sneer.  Having stainless steel appliances as the first choice for home owners, a black range may not sound too appealing.  But once you get to see these amazing beautiful kitchens, all featuring black stoves, you may not only change your mind but they might also prompt you to save some money to buy one yourself and put it in your kitchen.  These stoves don’t come with a cheap price tag, though.  Since they don’t always appeal to everyone, their exclusivity and rarity come with a hefty price.  Expect to pay a minimum of around four thousand among the most affordable ones and up to sixty thousands for others.  Since we are looking for a house in Columbus, Ohio I’ve been contemplating different range options.   My husband loves to cook, he says it relaxes him and I cook diner almost every day except the nights when the mood calls for some Thai take out.  My dinner cooking is extremely simple, baked fish which is
usually salmon, steamed vegetables and or salads.  It may sound boring but it’s delicious and super easy.  I joke with Evren my husband sometimes when I suggest to have the salmon outside occasionally.  We are a family who are obsessed with good eating so we like to make everything from scratch hence a good functional kitchen is a priority in our home. But more than me being a cooking fan, I really enjoy beautiful kitchens and watching my hubby cooking on the weekends so I thought it would be nice to have a very good looking stove in either black or another color and the only range I’ve come across with a more reasonable price is Verona, last picture.  It comes in many different finishes and sizes and the design is the result of a perfect interpretation of a transitional stove.  It’s clean with not too fussy lines and I know I will be able to live with for a long time.

The black option usually comes in two different finishes gloss and matte, with the gloss one the most popular.  I think they look better in kitchens with white or pale cabinets since the color black can be so powerful the contrasting can be quite stunning.

White marble on the walls, pietra cardosa counter tops and black stove

In this kitchen via House Beautiful Interior Designer Frank Ponteiro opted for a Chateau 75 Range by La Cornue.   The stove is beautifully embellished with brass trim that pick up from
the hood’s own brass.  The stone on the counter tops is Pietra Carsoda. I love the details of the cut recessed marble panels above the range.

white kitchens with black stoves, swbuay tiles with grey grouts, blue cabinets and black LaChanche stove

Alison Cayne’s kitchen via One King’s Lane.  A Lacanche range in black picks up the grey grouts on the tiles.

herringbone white tiles as backsplash, white cabinets and black with brass trim stove

White background for this Cornufe 90 Albertine stove by La Cornue.   This line of stoves is supposedly the inexpensive ones from La Cornue.  They range from nine to eight thousands still.  Via Atlanta Homes.

brick white washed wall, black stove, chrome hood and grey cabinets kitchens with black stoves

Another La Cornue stove is in this small beautiful space.  This time the trim accents seem to be in chrome. Via My Domaine

This kitchen has a sophisticated farm feel.

black la corneu stove with iron skyline on the ceiling and white cabinets

This is different shot of the kitchen I posted about 5 years ago.  This is great example of transitional design, I still love this kitchen.  Via
House Beautiful.

White cabinets, copper hanging pots, black la corneu range and wood island

A stunner.  I can see my family living in this kitchen for generations.  Check what I had to say about it in 2011.

White kitchen with LaCanche black range/stove

Another farm feeling in this kitchen but a more an European one.  A LaCanche range with chrome trim and white subway tiles and cabinet. Via Attic Mag

La corneu black stove with chrome trim and white marble backsplash kitchens with black stove

A picture of William Sonoma Store via The New Potato

white swbuay tiles and glass covered hood

 A minimally rustic kitchen.
I don’t know where this kitchen came from.  I found it on Pinterest but
it has all the characteristics of a European Kitchen.

white swbuay tiles, white cabinets, black verona stove and overlay fridge

This is the only nice picture I found with a Verona Stove.  This is a beautiful stove and it
comes in many different finishes and it’s the least expensive version of all the high end stoves, that I know of.

Verona Classic 36″ Gas Double Oven range between four and five thousand.


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