Les Luminaires de Serge Mouille & who used them first

Christine D’Ornano’s London home. photo by Simon Upton 2010

Serge Mouille’s sculptural lighting fixtures have kept hanging in my thoughts for a while now. Looking at all these rooms I can’t quite point out which one makes best use of them. I guess It’s because the lightings’ architectural silhouettes go well in any kind of interior, from contemporary to classic to country to modern and it’s funny how over-scaled the sconces usually are but at the same time they don’t overtake from the rest of the design of a room. I did a little research on rooms displaying Serge Mouille’s lighting in an attempt to get to see the first room ever that displayed one, but I quickly realized it would take a few months of research and possibly a trip or two to Paris to figure that out. And that is because Sege Mouille was a French silversmith who graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Paris, eventually becoming a teacher there while having his own metalworking studio and devoted most of his life to designing lighting fixtures. “Throughout the 1950’s Mouille designed large, angular, insect-like wall mounted and standing lamps with several arms and smaller, more curved wall-sconces.” Mouille’s website
Les Luminaires de Serge Mouille are sold in the US through a few dealers, to find out go here. One of his lighting fixtures is something I would really love to own but because they normally run around the $5,000 I think I will keep postponing it until further notice.

photo by Simon Upton, designer Blathnaid Behan, April 2007

Betsy Brown living room House Beautiful, 2007

Jenna Lyons famous brownstone 2008.

Geoffrey Goldberg & Lynne Remington. Photo by Nathan Kirk Jan. 2008
Nate Berkus Milan’s apartment 2009
Kevin Carrigan & Tim Furzer 2007

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  • I literally ache for one of Mouille's now-iconic fixtures.
    And the room up top is one of my top favorite spaces of all time.
    Just FYI, White on White (whiteonwhite.com) sells a pretty identical version of the Mouille floor lamp for just under $400. Check it out, it's called the Praying Mantis lamp.
    I'm so tempted…wish they'd make a chandelier version.
    Hugs, Alcira

  • Oh interesting, I don't know anything about that lamp.
    Oh for my day job, I just asked to write about the home in the first pic but the owner isn't doing any more press – I love that house too.

  • I love this lighting, however it is pricey, I agree with Alcira, that 1st image is a favorite!

    Art by Karena

  • Such a fun and fresh look…love it!!

  • Anonymous

    These lamps have certainly gained in popularity in the recent decade. For a more complete online resource of the authorized Serge Mouille editions, visit http://www.SergeMouilleUSA.com.

    Happy Lighting!

  • It’s curious how Serge Mouille lamps fits everywhere from classic to contemporary scenarios.
    Perhaps because of it sculpture character…The truth is, for me, sometimes it blends perfectly with the whole scenario, and sometimes it just looks like a detail. That’s what good piece is about, just perfect! Now (I cannot avoid to tell) back to Milan design week I remember seeing a brand, called DELIGHTFULL specialized in modern classics…pretty cool! If there is anyone interesting on lighting design, I think it worth it a visit!

  • I agree with thee above…sometimes it just differentiates!