Checking in…


We’ve been having a great and relaxed time, thank you for your beautiful wishes. I promise I’ll be returning emails next week. Our days have been full of early coffee, strolls around charming downtown areas and gorgeous and romantic sunsets. Just what I needed. I, of course, have already visited The Hampton Designers Showhouse and have lots of images for you next week. Pure delight! I am posting from my iPad and I can’t upload any images to the blog (don’t think there is even a way or an app). But I had these more than appropriate images of blue and white rooms somewhere in the bottom of my blog’s draft and thought they would be great as an improvised postcard. See you next week!

via Photographer Morten Holtum via Una Mosca en la Luna, Mario and Anne Grauso via Elle Decor,

8 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. quintessence

    So glad to hear you're getting a well deserved break just love all the blue and white – so classic. Look forward to seeing you soon. Have a great weekend!

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