Pretty Loaded

Make Fashion not War!  You may have noticed the trend of studded fashion here and there.  As everything trendy, it has its pros and cons.  Some may love it while others may hate it.  One advise to those who don’t favor this trend, don’t dare tell the one wearing them because they are well, pretty well armed and you don’t really want to mess with them.

a roundup of what of a few studded pieces.

And if you thought it was not going to hit the home section,  I got to change your mind today.  An egg studded chair?   Available here.

Top three pictures from here.


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  • So funny, my husband was just asking me the other day what the obsession was with spikes and studs now. I said-Ask our daughter!
    Great Post!!!

  • Julie I do like YOUR selection, a little goes a long way I believe! Just a bit goth for me!

    2012 Artists Series

  • Wow these are amazing. I especially love that leather skirt…not sure I could pull it off though! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  • I still love studs! Great posts!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger