A Museum-worthy home designed by Ramon Garcia Jurado

Ramon Garcia Jurado, living room via belle vivir blog
I have that same diamond cube cocktail table in black.
Last night while perusing Pinterest I came across this living room above.  The entire home was featured in Nuevo Estilo and since I’m always looking for inspiring interiors from the very popular magazine I couldn’t believe I never came across its designer and owner Ramon Garcia Jurado.   More so when the style of the apartment is like those I consider global chic.  It has pretty much the things you would find in an avid traveler’s house, architectural items to enhance the more simple interior architecture with a mixture of neoclassical furniture, modern pieces and exotic accessories.  A great mixture of classic furniture and modern pieces.  Enjoy!
Ramon Garcia Jurado, design via belle vivir blog

Ramon Garcia Jurado, library with klismos char via belle vivir blog

To prove more my love for this flat the library has three pieces I covet, a 1940’s Swedish sideboard, an Empire Swedish console and my all time favorite chair, Klismos.

Ramon Garcia Jurado, home office via belle vivir blog
The sculpture hanging from the ceiling is stunning and that desk is all me.
Ramon Garcia Jurado via belle vivir blog
Ramon Garcia Jurado via belle vivir blog
Ramon Garcia Jurado via belle vivir blog
This living room, I love.
A small bedroom, but full of interest.

images from Nuevo Estilo

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  • Julie, I love it how every time you feature a space on your blog, I learn something new about interior design.

  • So stunning; and I would love to have that cube table! Adore all of the classical elements!

    Art by Karena

  • Diogenes

    Where, oh where, did you get the diamond cube coffee table? In the US (I hope)? I would love to have that in white.

    Isn't Nuevo Estilo wonderful? One of the best interior design mags in my opinion.

  • Ada,

    How sweet you are, thank you love.

  • Diogenes,

    I got mine in black on Ebay.