Avery home should have: Art

Smart composition in this room the
horse leg bench makes reference to the indigenous photograph.  Elle
Decor San Francisco Showhouse

Sometimes art can make a room while many times it can also make
a whole house.  I can’t picture a home without it nor would I live in one
without.  We all know art implies many things from an elaborate sculpture
to a simple figurine.  But, in this case I’m referring to art wall. 
The one that is very personal and many times tells a story behind the artists creation
or its discovery.  My Yaacov Agam painting that I found at The New York
Antique Garage which my husband and I framed using the shell from another
painting just the night before the photo shoot of our home.  That is a
story that will always be linked to that painting and to my last minute
anticipation.  Art can be anything many people say but, I think
otherwise.  Art could certainly make a room but can also break it.  The
art that we select for our homes should bring with it the final note to the
ambiance of the space, it should complete the room’s vision as it shows in each
of these images.  In other words, it should become part of a new story:
your home.   For affordable and good art I have posted here and here.  Enjoy!

In this hallway? the art seems to stand out against the white wall and white frames.
 Nicole Hanley Mellon home
Harmony seems to be the preferred choice over symmetry in many art wall composition.  As in this picture above six painting frame the windows, three on each side but none are of equal size or or equal high.

This vignette in Francisco Costa house.  The color scheme is very soothing and seductive but the dynamic photograph of a horse injects interest. 

A Francis Bacon.
I dream of owning a Jean-Michel Basquiat one day.
I absolutely adore this bedroom.  I really want an over sized art over my bed.
Eliott Puckette

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  • Julie, first of all I adore your new profile picture! Beautiful!

    Thank you for your support of the arts. Each image tells a story. Then of course from lower cost art to high end; the display and framing makes a huge difference.


  • Wherever I've lived, I've purchased art by local artists. I dream of someday owning a Cy Twombly, but in the meantime I have a gallery of artworks that make me smile every single day.