The ugly behind the jewelry making

No! the images you are looking at are not from a torturing center; what a
mind you!  It’s the atelier where I’m taking jewelry classes and where
they are kindly trying everything they can to help me channel all my
insane ideas.  My husband loved the pictures.
“oh! that’s so cool”  he said.  What can I tell you the guy is pretty
boyish, he likes everything that involves fire, metal, burned wood and
more metal.  The funny thing is that I actually find it
interesting-looking as well, of course the place can use some
jewelry displayed here and there and maybe some posters, but I actually
feel so good when I’m in this atelier.  In any event, if you have a
studio that requires different types of tools here are some cool ways to
store them in the open for easy access.  Enjoy!
These are the student benches.  We sit here and look at each others
faces.  We also have direct access to motorized flex shafts from our
This is my station or jewelry bench where I try hard to make my dream come true.  🙂

You know jewelry making is a lot harder than those videos on YouTube
make you believe.  As you can see, those hand saws hanging there are
actually for us to cut metal.  Yes, a lot of what I thought were manly
stuff women in the jewelry business need to

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  • How exciting, can't wait to see your designs

  • Out of chaos, comes beauty! Keep working away with the hammers, saws, torches, and molten metal; a phoenix is sure to emerge.

    Please share the end result. It just all looks like so much fun (we love the tools of creation) we are super jealous.

  • I'm anxious to see your designs, Julie. As for the photos, I'm always inspired by workshops, anything involving creativity.

  • I did not know that much work was needed to make jewelry. Keep up the good work!