7 Half Painted Wall: A European Design Detail

European Design is very different from American Design.  It’s simpler yet stylized, restrained and unpretentious.  European interiors is more about how the furniture complements the already elaborate Interior Architecture.  And when the interior background is modern enough, they find ways to enhance them in unassuming ways.  One simple but powerful way to add architecture to a modern room is by adding a different color paint to half of the walls in a room.  This half and half painting interior design detail can be done by painting the room walls in light color and then adding the dark color on the half bottom side of the walls.  As the images here show, the dividing line can be added at any height you wish.  This is a
perfect way to slowly bring dark hue inside our homes when we are too afraid of putting it in the entire room.

interior designer talks about half painted walls via belle vivir

european design half painted wall via belle vivir blog

black and white half painted walls european design

european design half painted wall via belle vivir

All images via Pinterest

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