kicks inspirations

 Looking fabulous, relaxed and burning calories while wearing kicks.  Smart!
Yes you read that title right!  If you still refer to
these comfortable and stylish shoe options as sneakers, I hate to break the
news to you, you’re getting old!  They are not sneakers anymore they are
called “kicks” and no, it has nothing to do with the literal meaning. 
It just sounds cool as they look as of late.  Get yourself a pair of
converse and feel younger! 
By looking at these images this post should’ve been named Kicks and Celine.
 New Balance and floral pants.
 Celine and Isabel Marant red kicks.
Love this look!
 Such a beautiful color combo burgundy and black.  Yves Saint Laurent sneakers.  I mean kicks!
images via Chicisimo, Renata Santoyo, @cchristiernin (Instagram), Sincerely, Jules and Tumblr.

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