Hair trend: Turban Headband

It’s not new this trend of turban headbands but, it’s more
and more popular every time.  Especially during summer when ladies tend to
leave their hair carelessly dry au naturale.  There are two types of
turbans, one that covers the full head, a closer interpretation of the Sikh
turban and the turban headband which is the case in point here.  I’m kind
of obsessed with both styles.  The first because it would be of great help
in those days when I’m just too lazy to wash my hair and the last one for when
I wash my hair but, want a fashion statement!  How about you ladies,
would you use a turban? 
via WTF
Mary Kate Olsen

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  • I like so much this accessory, but am yet to try it.

  • Anonymous

    I love to see it on others but I don't think I would fit me. Nice images!