Layering clothes stylishly

I’ve seen street style ladies with extraordinary upper muscle strength. 
Ladies who put fashion and style among everything else including their
fragile figures.  Layering is their thing and it’s my thing too, not
only in fashion but also in Interiors but, not
at my physical risk.  I have seen a few like this: it all starts with a
t-shirt, then a V-neck sweater, a cardigan, an open t-shirt, a blazer,
an under coat, a coat and another t-shirt wrap around the waist.  You
know just in case someone outside runs out
of clothes.  Uff!  My back aches at just the thought of all that
weight!  Layering clothes is exceptionally necessary during brutal
winters like the one my peeps are so bravely confronting in the States. 
However I hope in 2014 we get to see a more realistic approach
to street fashion without the trivial urgency for clamoring attention. 
These ladies here show us how to do it tastefully.

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