Street Style during London Fashion Week


I love to keep track of street style during Fashion Week, to see how
fashion bloggers wear the latest fashion trends and get ideas on
how to use them myself.  The fashion in
the streets of London can be more conservative and more lady like,
sometimes a bit stiffer, than in most fashion capitals although
sometimes it can take a whole different route and be more artistic and
free-spirited.  Luckily the weather during London Fashion week was way
more forgiving than New York Fashion week so the outfits under the coats were more exposed.  This year the styles were more relaxed and comfortably-chic, ripped jeans, mid calf skirts, below the knee coats and fabulous accessories like cut out ankle boots and boy Chanel bags.  Exactly my cup of tea! 

Saint Laurent Cassandre bag
Culotte pants are still happening in the streets.  Love the comfort.
Love Chanel boy bags.

Slouchy leather pants with Saint Laurent bag.

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