Mark D Sikes All America Outdoor Patio

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design blue and white via bellevivir blog

Mark D Sikes Patio Summer version

Mark D Sikes has quickly become a very popular Interior Designer thanks to his All-American, exquisite timeless style as it’s greatly represented in his beautiful West Hollywood outdoor patio.  Not to mention his own home which has been featured in probably
every single Interior Design blog.  I myself became acquainted with Mark’s beautiful work when posting his black bathroom a few years back. But since summer is almost here and we’re all yearning for a comfortable and inviting outdoor patio ready for entertaining,
a venue to throw a party or two, we are relying on Mark’s outdoor patio for some style inspiration.  What I love most about Mark D Sikes exquisite choices for his outdoor living space is the smart, four level terraces he created to enhance the architecture of the space.  Regulars would just install a deck, fake wood included, but why be regular when you can afford to be exquisite, and when you are Mark D Sikes excellence is the only way.  Good design planning pays off as in Mark’s case, where his lovely patio can be seen from almost every room inside the house.  The fountain he redesigned and replaced can be heard from even the bedrooms upstairs, how soothing that must be… I saw a few before pictures of the patio where all there was a neglected hill.  After seeing the transformation from a haphazard patio to a sophisticated brick paved outdoor living space, my appreciation for well design spaces is further enhanced, from Interiors, to patios to landscaping to a whole new level.  It’s amazing what good taste and good design can create. I love to see before pictures, that’s when you can see the real magic.

Mark told Architectural Digest “To me the outdoors are really just an extension of the indoors, so when designing, I think of the two spaces holistically and try to find the connection from the inside to the outside.”

I’ve seen two versions of Mark’s outdoor patio, one is the Winter and the other the Summer.  Both versions share the same harmony with sitting spaces using comfortable cushions for the iron patio outdoor furniture, boxwood, ivy, hedges and lots of classic blue and white pottery as accent and decorating objects throughout.  The winter version of the patio has more neutral tones in beige and browns whereas the summer version holds a blue and white palette.

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design winter version via bellevivir blog

The winter version of Mark D Sikes’ patio where you can get a glimpse of the living room through the arched French patio doors.  Compare the young ivy in this picture with the image below where it’s already grown.  via House Beautiful

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design with ivy and blue and white furniture

The Summer version in this picture with blue cushions on the sitting furniture to bring an al fresco atmosphere.

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design via belle vivir blog

Love the seagrass basket and hats in this image.

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design terraces and fountain

A great view of the organized terraces where the fountain plays a dominant role in the design.  The tiered terraces are accessed by brick paved steps aligned with patted boxwood planted in terracotta pots.  How beautiful is this…

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design fountain

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design blue and white pottery

A closer look of the carefully arrangement of blue and white urns and pots.  Bringing indoor elements outside creates a more desirable atmosphere in the patio.

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design via belle vivir blog

Mark D Sikes Outdoor patio design with lutyens bench via belle vivir blog

One of the spaces created on the terraces where a Lutyens bench provides sitting.

How to re-create Mike De Sikes’ patio style in small doses

A blue and white urn is a must,  pillows for comfort, a seagrass basket to keep some reading material, a preserved boxwood to enjoy all year, a country French rustic round terracotta planter  and a blue and white garden stool.

images via Mark D Sikes website


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