Kitchen of the week: Traditional kitchen utensils as acceessory

 industrial kitchen accessories

Ever since I saw this kitchen at the current issue of Veranda Magazine I was taken by it.  Windsor Smith, the designer, incorporated industrial elements in a classic background to create an open, grand and unique kitchen.  The first thing that caught my eye was the balance scale on the picture above.  Isn’t that an exquisite detail? For crying out loud Windsor, God Bless you!  Then of course my eyes started to get bigger as I was trying to get everything in.  Let’s talk about those gray cabinets, how seamlessly they blend with the carrara marble that is used abundantly throughout.  Oh! and that sconce in the middle of the open nickle shelves, oh my!  Talking about layers, texture and interest, the wall behind the shelves is enveloped in hexagon marble tiles, really?!  Now moving on to the floors, I can see kids coming in and out riding scooters and roller blades and the floors would only get better.  This kitchen is an absolute antidote to boring.  If it were a brownie I would have already ate it!

 windsor smith kitchen sold to paltrow

windsor smith kitchen design

I suspect that we are going to start seeing touches like the balance scale more often and more frequent.  Below are a few traditional kitchen utensils and industrial accessories that I think would look great in any kitchen.   Many of them can be found at restaurant suppliers.

Clockwise, from left top corner, Antique apothecary balance scale at Etsy, Brass balance scale with weights at 1stdibs, old scale, white at Anthropologie, 19th century American wine maker at Urban Remains Chicago, and meat grinders. Below, a Russian antique samovar.

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  • It's beautiful! I find myself taking a serious interest in industrial touches and grey cabinets in kitchen decoration. And that Russian samovar is a such a great find, Julie. Hope you have a fantastic week! 🙂

  • Stunning and I concur I love it too. Love all the scales, I definitely am on the prowl for one for my kitchen…great addtion to any kitchen.

  • Beautiful post, Julie.

  • Lovely kitchen! Love these old school scales! Very cool!

  • I pretty much love this kitchen too! I had pulled for my kitchen inspiration file when I finally expand my kitchen or build a lake house with hgh ceilings. It will defenately have grey cabinets
    Great post
    Xx Callie

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful review!
    Traditional Kitchen

  • I loved this kitchen. I got the chance to tour it (and meet Martin, Windsor and Kathryn!). It was ten times more brilliant in person, if you can believe that. Stop by and read my post about the whole day. You'll enjoy it. It was a fantastic experience! (You can search "Windsor Smith" on my blog.)

    SO happy to have found your blog. Some of my favorite images and some that I haven't seen. I'm pulling a bunch of things from my files and blogs for a current project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Just stumbled upon your blog as I was doing research for mine…love it! I am taken with these weights and measures as decor as well!! The Muddy Boot in Summit, had them displayed so well throughout the showrooms..on shelves, side tables.. also paired with hourglasses, and binoculars… love these old pieces!!