Green and Brass

Now that my love for brass, which I’m professing for over two years now, has spread around I’m more certain that real love is the only way to save the world, I mean style.  If only the good things were contagious, wouldn’t life be better?  Since brass was forgotten and left in absence for a long time, it has staged a comeback for over a year now.  It’s been like gold, in the sense that everybody wants a piece of it.  And who wouldn’t?  The gorgeous metal seems to pretty up everything it touches.  Enjoy!

A San Francisco building
Kate Moss for Vogue
Kelley Wearstler via Elle Decor
Chanel Fall 2012-13 boots
Harper’s Bazaar China
Goyard trunk
A green and brass decor via Elle Decor
Aerin Lauder office
Alexander Mcqueen

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  • Hi, Julie!
    Green and brass are so perfect together, one complements the other in such a beautiful way.
    Beautiful images, specially the old door and that Gucci sandals.
    Have a nice day.

  • Brass reminds us primarily of the material of sculptors, and holds a certain weight in our minds because of this extravagant application. And the greens you chose to show are like malachite, a mineral we associate with the baubles of Egyptian royalty. Together? Classy and regal, for sure.

    And only Kate Moss could pull off that bustline. What is going on there? Is it the angle?

  • Love Green and brass so rich and classic and the Kelly Wearstler room OMG!!!