A Black and white adobe

Eric Yerno, the owner of this home where a mélange of Art-deco, oriental influences and geometry beautifully coincide in a black and white home, is from France and moved to Spain in 1998 to open a PR firm. Eric had help from Victoria Melian to make this home truly jaw dropping. Published in AD Spain March issue, photographed by Pablo Suloaga and styled by Ines Sentmenat.

The sofa by Maison Jansen was inherited by his grandmother.  I think the leather upholstery is just genius.  The tables are from the 50’s.  If I ever find a table like these ones I would bring it home with me even if I need to buy an extra plain ticket.

In the living room, everything seems and feel so harmonious but never boring.  A ball chair by Eero Aarnio brings that unexpected touch to the gorgeous black and white living room.

I adore this entry.  It has much stuff I love.  The photograph is framed in a Lucite box, the consoles are concrete and the bases have a very global feel.  I also adore that art deco bar at the end.

The sofa is designed by Pascua Ortega, one of Eric’s favorite designers

The floors are stunning.  In some areas of the house the black and white floor seems to be installed in a random pattern.

Everything is about proportion and scale.  This small space in the bedroom has everything you need to get dress.  Love the inlaid console and the mirror.

The bathtub, encased in wood, seems to be longer that usual.  I love the shelf out of the window sill, such a great idea and space saver.

Apologies for the not so nice iPhone pictures.  Taken by me.

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  • I absolutely love the flooring!! I also must say I love Zebra, I know its been overdone but I dont care I think I will always love it!
    Great Images as usual!

  • Stunning Julie! Black and white with warmth and comfort!

    Art by Karena

  • I think the bathroom is my favourite room here. I guess it's because it's the most minimalistic one. 🙂