What to Wear on the Weekends

a woman with jeans skirt and chambray shirt with high jeels
 A perfect weekend outfit.  denim pencil skirt with chambray shirt and high sandals.

What to wear on the weekends is a constant question.  Many people focus on spending on work attires or more dressy options
when it comes to shopping.  Forgetting that what you wear on the
weekends is equally important and it also deserves an investment of time
and money.  Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t
mean that you have to wear sweat pants with UGG boots.  Choosing
comfortable yet stylish pieces for the weekend is not that hard once you
start looking at casual weekend clothes with a whole different level of
appreciation.  I like to think of weekend clothes as part
of my lifestyle, not as a break from it.  Here are a few fashion
style ideas for what to wear on the weekends.  Enjoy!

jeans with stripped red and white shirt and high heel sandals
A red and white t-shirt is tucked in the front with jeans and high sandals.
a girl wearing leather pants and white t-shirt with white stiletos
Black and white is always good.  In this case, a pair of black leather pants is worn with a white casual t-shirt.
ripped jeans with a celine t-shirt and red blazer
Distressed jeans can be more dressed up if used with a blazer as in this picture. 
a girl with modern denim dress
A very comfortable-looking denim dress.
a girls wearing black loose trousers and whie t-tan
A black pant with a t-tank is dressed up wit high sandals.
a grils wearing white loose denim pants oversized sweater and flat sandals
Comfy and slouchy white denim and oversized sweater with flat sandals.
a woman wearing a horizontal stripped dress in white and black and chanel open back sandals
How about a stripped neutical dress with Chanel open back sandals.
Maja wyh wearing oversized grey pants with navy blue long blazer with raybans
Maja Wyh wears oversized and very comfy pants with leopard booties

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